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Siemens Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Can Anybody give simple example for High seveority , low priority and High Priority low sevority defect or bug..Thanks in advance......

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Generally Where do we concentrate more while doing Web Application Testing means which functional area...Thanks in advance...

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Wht is the Difference between Test Harness and Test Driver Anybody can explain it..Thanks in advance...

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Wht is the Throughput in performance testing during web based testing, Generally how do we test we use any tool etc....Anybody can explain it in detail...

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Wht is Chache or Chache Memory, we test during web based testing...Actually what is it,Actually where it comes.. Can Anybody explain it in detail.....Thanks in advance..

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How do we find Effectiveness of Test Cases..Thanks in advance...

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what are the Test cases we can write for pop-up window, Anybody can let me know in detail. Thanks in advance.

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What is Test Harness, Anybody can explain in Detail. Thanks in advance.

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define with example high severity and low priority ? 2.low severity and high priority? 3.both are high? 4.both are low ?

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What is difference between Development envionment and Test enviornment.

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In an organisation practically how we can implement the Compatability testing(web based applications and windows based applications)

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When a project was started in an organisation ,Testing team will get BRS & FRS documents and starts preparing the Test cases for the application.when the Build was released whether the Testing team will execute only the written Test cases (or) they may update further testcases

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Siemens Manual Testing Interview Questions

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