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Siemens Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how much insulation resistance 11kv & 33kv under ground cable between earth to phase & phase to phase.

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how much percentage(%) of load can feed in power transformer?

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how to check the earth resistance value& what is the minimum earth resistance for good earthing sysytem.

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What is the life of MCCB

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why contactor not provided between output of VFD and motor?

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how to choose the cable rating for load (KW)? EXAMPLE.50KW load

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What are pre paid energy meters ? How it works ?

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What is the difference between Relay and Contactor

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In tranformer winding Connection Like Dyn1 ,so LV lags Hv by 30 deg and Dyn11 LV lead HV by 30,so how do this lagging and leading afffect the transformer??

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How Calculat the Cable Sizing of HT/LT System & Explian by one Exampal?

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What is the difference between MCB & MCCB, Where it can be used,

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for 1000kva transformer how kvar rating is need for this PFI plant. and how does it will calculate? and Apmpere rating of main cable connection?

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what's float charger and boost charger? why it's used?

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How addressable fire systems work? Pl. send details with architect.(Loop), also send details regarding Gas system. Pl. help me.Thanks

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what is the method of electric earth for the protection of low voltage electric equipment

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Siemens Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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