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Siemens Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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at meter room 50 hrc switch installed,but there are not get earthing proper,so what happen?and 11kv transformer out put going in to hrc main 400a three nog each? so earthing is require for all switch? (some customer made earthing at there home.)


Hello Friends, How can we recognize the CT Star Point is S1 or S2 in case of Electro Mechanical Relays and what is meant by Restraining coil in relays and what is the purpose of that.. thank you in advance..


how to select the isolation tranformer for siemens 802dsl cnotroller


What is CRT (Contact Resistance Test) for Isolators or Dis- connector Switches? Why we performed it & whats the Testing procedure.

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What is Hi-Pot Test for Grid Station HV Equipments?

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is earthing is necessary if we use armoured cable

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How we can make sure cable size of LT cable without any parameter.

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Whether IP65 enclosure box blocks ventilation if driver for LED have to enclosed inside IP65 box


If we increases the %impedance of Transformer then price of Transformer will increases or decreases.

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How to work star delts method in the case of single phase motor?

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How to do the REF Stability test for power transformers in Site?

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In synchronous motor, how the field current is related to armature current..i know its inversely proportional..but concept wise...i was nt clear....pls help me...


what is mean by dry frequency


how is the testing of an REF relay? what are the test REF circuit having?


We have drive feeding an output contactor for a 5000 hp motor @ 5kV application. The motor FLA is 629amps x 1.25% service factor = 786.25 amps The cable that we current have in place between the drive and the output contactor is 350kcmil- MV-105 (parallel cables). Per the NEC table 310.60 (C) (69). This show the cable ampacity is at 615 amps per cable for a rating of 1230 amps. We have derated the cable for the cable tray and the multiple cables application and our calculations show that after the correction factor factor we are at 922amps. 1230 amps x .75% correction factor factor = 922.5 amps. The customer is driving us to then use another safety factor of .25% off of the already derated cable. Can you please provide a longhand calculation for your solution on this application?


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Siemens Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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