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Aurobindo Interview Questions
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What are CDRs?

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What are Detergents?

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What is betapropiolactone?

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What are monoclonal antibodies?

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What is meant by thermal death point?

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What is the difference between active immunity and passive immunity?

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What is the difference between IGA and IGM of immunoglobulins?

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What are babes Ernst granules?

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what are the principles involved in thin layer chromatography?

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what is the difference in the aminoacid sequence in normal haemoglobin and sickle cell anaemic person?

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what is ninhydrin reaction?how it is useful?

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what is turn over number?

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which is known as invert sugar?

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what is the important source for drug diosgenin?

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what is the aminoacid sequence of bradykinin?

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