What is the difference between IGA and IGM of

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What is the difference between IGA and IGM of immunoglobulins?..

Answer / nasreen

IGA constitutes about 10- 13% of serumimmunoglobulins.
Half-life of 6-8 days.normal serum level is 0.6-4.2mg per
ml, present in saliva and tears.
IGM constitutes about 5-8% of serum immunoglobulins ,half
life of five days, serum level is 0.5-2mg per ml.

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What is the difference between IGA and IGM of immunoglobulins?..

Answer / turyagumanawe john

IgA a dimer when found in secretions and monomer in
serum,It is divalent,SIgA has a secretory piece and a J
chain;it is present in secondary immune response than
IgM.It is 2nd most common Ig i serum,seldom fixes
compliment and is the major Ig in secretions.

IgM is a pentamer but can sometimes exist as a monomer,has
an extra domain of CH4;3RD most common serum Ig,dominates
primary immune response,fixers compliment ,has a valency of
10 and activets B cellin the T-depentent and T-independent

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