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Aurobindo Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the effect of leading power factor

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what are the functions & ratings of panels mentioned below: 1. Main LT Panel(MLTP) 2. Motor Control Centre(MCC) 3.Feeder pillars 4.Busducts

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why test lamp didn't glow across 500v megger?

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why we are testing cables with DC supply not with AC supply?

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what is hysterisis loss and eddy current loss? how it occurs?

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what happen if any one phase of a slipring induction rotor winding is open?is it start or won't?

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what is the star delta connetion and how can do it a three phase motor with control witing with picture


can we run AC & DC cables in same tray

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what is the distance between two overhead lines

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What happens if ac excitation is given to the field of an alternator

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