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Aurobindo Analytical Chemistry Interview Questions
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Describe your experience with analytical instrumentation?

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Describe your experience with quality assurance and quality control analyses?

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What is Fourier Transform Spectrosopy?

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what is specificity?

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Why we use caffeine for HPLC calibration in Detector wave ength accuracy test

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What is diffrence between residue on ignition and sulphated ash?

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what is the difference between M.C and LOD

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what is the lamp used in SOR?

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what is a drug?

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why we use holmiumperchlorate in calibrating uv

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all types of questions asked at the cipla interview


How you will select the runtime in HPLC for a drug in method development.

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In the test for control of absorbance in UV calibration why do we use only potassium dichromate and what is purpose of taking a specified amount of 57.0-63.0mg?

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What is the major difference b/w Drift and Noise

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why KF factor is between 4.5 to 7.5 mg/ml ? why ? why sometime pyridine is used in analysis like in raw material solvent like acetone etc?

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