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What is Integration Testing and its types

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What is Integration Testing and its types..

Answer / shobha kotagiri

The individual modules are developed and tested , are
brought together to make an application or part of an
application ,if we perform testing on these integrated
modules it is known as integration testing.

the purpose of testing is to check the right functionality
and net functinality is not affected due to integration ,

there are three approaches for integration testing .. to bottom approach
2.bottom up approach
3.sandwich approach

if u want detail description about diff approaches u can
mail me at

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What is Integration Testing and its types..

Answer / jesi

Testing of integrated modules to verify COMBINED
FUNCTIONALITY after integration..modules may be code
modules, individual application , etc.,

1.Top-Down Integration
2.Bottom-up Integration
3.Bidirectional(Sandwitch Testing)
4.System Integration(BigBang Testing)

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What is Integration Testing and its types..

Answer / jin luo

The integration testing is a software development process
which program units are combined and tested as groups in
PART OF AN APPLICATION ) It happens after unit testing and
before system testing.

The purpose of integration testing is to verify functional,
performance and reliability requirements placed on major
design items. Also to verify units interact correctly and
the hardware configuration items and software configuartion
items are interacted adequately.

There are four approaches for integration testing as below:
1.big bang 3.bottom-up 4.sandwich
But only top-dwon and bottom-up are the major ways of
carrying out an integration test.
Bottom-up integration testing begins with unit testing
followed by higher level combinations of units called modules.
In the top-down integration testing, the highest-level
modules are tested first and progressively lower-level
modules are tested after that.
So the main advantage of bottm-up approach is that bugs are
more easily found with top-down approach ,it is easier to
find the missing branch link and show the whole software
process to user early.

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What is Integration Testing and its types..

Answer / ram

testing the data flow between two modules or two features
of an application is known as integration testing
there 2 types in i & t
1)non-incremental(big bang method)
2)incremental integertion testing
2)bottom up

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What is Integration Testing and its types..

Answer / navneet golwalkar

integration testing - testing of combined parts of an application to determine if they function together correctly. The 'parts' can be code modules, individual applications, client and server applications on a network, etc. This type of testing is especially relevant to client/server and distributed systems.

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What is Integration Testing and its types..

Answer / mpavank


Integration Testing

Definition of Integration Testing:
Testing the connectivity/Bridge/relationship between the
modules or features is called Integration testing.

Examples of Integration Testing
1)Relation between amount transfer and amount balance features
in Bank application.
2)Relation between inbox and trash in yahoo application.

This is not a integration Testing
Navigating from one screen to another screen is not a
integration testing.

In gmail application while registering ,if we enter any invalid
username the balloon shaped invalid message is displayed to the
right of the username.This is just navigating to that window,
it is not relationship between two of them.

This is integration Testing.
If the mail is sent to other user then the sent mail should
be there
in the sent items.This relationship between the writemail and
sent items comes under Integration testing.

* Testing whether another user has got the mail or not does
not comes under integration testing.
* If there is a relation between two features and if we
test for
that relationship then it is called integration testing.

Types of Integration Testing
1) Linear integration testing
If the modules are sequentially related then linear
integration is used.
ex : Amount transfer and amount balance are sequentially

2)Non -Linear integration
If the modules in an application are randomly related or not
sequentially related and it is called Non -Linear integration.
ex:-In the messenger application like gmail or yahoo ,
the links or module are related randomly

* Inbox
* compose mail
* sent items
* trash
Here Inbox is related to sent items and trash and this
both will come after compose mail so this is randomly
related hence comes under Non linear integration testing.

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What is Integration Testing and its types..

Answer / sudir

Integration Testing:
Integration is a systematic approach to build the complete
software structure specified in the design from unit-tested
modules. There are two ways integration performed. It is
called Pre-test and Pro-test.

1.Pre-test: the testing performed in Module development
area is called Pre-test. The Pre-test is required only if
the development is done in module development area.

2.Pro-test: The Integration testing performed in baseline
is called pro-test. The development of a release will be
scheduled such that the customer can break down into
smaller internal releases.

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