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tell about mumbai ?

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tell about mumbai ?..

Answer / deepika salian

Mumbai is a place where a large number of people belonging from all the state of India stay, Mumbai is a Jr India, People belonging from all the caste, language, tradition stay here and help each other at the time of need and have unity in them. People here celebrate all the festival belongs to every caste. Mumbai is a industrial area which provide employment to a large number of people and give a way to live. Mumbai is a busy city where even night is also brighter as day.

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tell about mumbai ?..

Answer / denson

mumbai (Bombay previously) is a capital of the Indian state
Maharashtra. It is really hard to imagine, but nearly 13
million people live there - so, it is the most populated
city in the world. Mumbai lies on the coast of the Arabian
Sea and occupies the island of Bombay and the southern part
of the island Salsette. These two islands are connected with
each other with the bridges and dams.Actually, its name
derives from the name of the Indian goddess Mumba-Devi,
which means “mother”.

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tell about mumbai ?..

Answer / mohammed shaibaz

Mumbai, also known by its former name Bombay, is the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Mumbai (Bombay) lies on the western coast of India. It is a group of seven islands in the Arabian Sea which lies off the northern Konkan coast on the west of Maharashtra state in India.On can see here people belonging from all the caste, language, tradition.

It is the most populous city in India, and the fourth most populous city in the world, with a total metropolitan area population of approximately 20.5 million. Mumbai is also the richest city in India, and has the highest GDP of any city in South, West or Central Asia. Mumbai is the commercial and entertainment capital of India.

Mumbai is growing at a fast pace and lots of sectors are providing hot job opportunities in Mumbai. Some of these are: Bollywood industry, BPO Sector, Information Technology (IT), healthcare.

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tell about mumbai ?..

Answer / ravi kumar


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tell about mumbai ?..

Answer / aadil khan

Mumbai is a Great City ,Its Come in State of Maharashtra & the Country of India and Mumbai is the Financial as well as Entertainment Capital of India ,and Mumbai is the Fastest Growing City in the World And In Mumbai we found Almost every Religion People & Culture and Because of that we see Variety of different types of Food ,Places ,Hotels ,Clothes etc .

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tell about mumbai ?..

Answer / jyoti

Mumbai is a big city in india,it is most popular city in india,mumbai is beautiful place,there are various types facilities we provide traviling facilities,hospital facilitieas etc.mumbai is a capital city of india which belongs to konkan state,its a various employment to the people,where people fulfill there needs,which provide large number employment to various people,people are coming from village to mumbai for earning,in mumbai people are from different caste,different religion ,different language staying in mumbai,and living in unity,and helping each other.

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tell about mumbai ?..

Answer / padmakar gangurde

Mumbai! the Mumbai city in Maharashtra state in India is it famous with name of Bombay
Mumbai is the capital of state of Maharashtra and financial capital of India. Mumbai is major business  point in India. Many people’s come from many location for the business purpose It is very populous city in India. Mumbai is on the fourth position of population wise.
The city of Mumbai situate on the west coast of India facing the Arabian Sea, Mumbai is known as the commercial capital of India and also have a place in the list of world’s top ten commercial centers in terms of global financial flow. The city of Mumbai hosts many for the popular financial institutions of India, such as national stock exchange of India. Bombay stock exchange reserve bank of India and the headquarters of famous India companies and international organizations. 
The production of Bollywood movies and Marathi film industry mainly revolves around Mumbai and it is suburbs. People from every sides and cultures of India are commonly seen in Mumbai. The unique ability of the city to provide a wide area of business opportunities is considered as the reason behind the high rate of migration to Mumbai corners of India. 

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tell about mumbai ?..

Answer / sangitaa mirchandani

Mumbai is a financial capital of market.Its provide employment to many people & its a also a city of joy.It has Many places to visit like Mahalaxmi temple,Siddivinayak<haji ali.Juhu beach,Iscon temple,Hanging Garden.Many theme park also Watewr kingdom,Imsagica &Aqua Imagica.

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tell about mumbai ?..

Answer / sanatan panigrahi

Bombay also know as Mumbai! the Mumbai city is located in Maharashtra state of India and Mumbai situate on the west coast of India facing the Arabian Sea.

Mumbai is the capital of state of Maharashtra and financial capital of India. it is populous city in India. Mumbai is the forth city for populous in the world.

In Mumbai have many different type of job, some of these Bollywood, technician, IT sector, BPO & KPO sector, etc. and power facilities available in 24 hrs.

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tell about mumbai ?..

Answer / pramod shinde

mumbai is the most populous city in maharashtra and also know as commercial capiatal of india. in mumbai we have all caste peoples live like one mumbai we have industrial areas, mnc companies,IT Sectors etc.mumbai also known as BOMBAY. 20 million peoples are living in mumbai .mumbai is the capital of maharashtra.

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