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Reliance Interview Questions
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what is the diff. b/w restricted earth fault relay & standby earthfault relay and where they are used?

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Why we are use 11KV / 22KV / 33KV / 66KV / 110KV / 230KV / 440KV this type of ratio. why cant we use other voltage ratio like 54KV / 99KV et.,

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what is the relationship between induction motor and transformers?

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what is query and types of query

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plz tell me in detail about c.t. and p.t. ?

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can anybody sent me power grid questions. what subject should i prefer for preparation?


What are the different pre-commissioning tests that are performed on the distribution transformer, power cable and switchgear (11kv)?

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Tell the details of the precommissioning tests that are performed on distribution transformer, power cable and switchgear (11kv).

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what are the different pre- commissioning tests performed on distribution transformer, power cable and switchgear?????

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what is a diffrence between MCCB, RCCB, MCB, & ELCB ? what is rated current e.g. on motor name plate indicated that is rated curent? what is full load current? If we run D.C. motor with mechanical coupling and we measure voltage on terminal it shows voltage or not ? same in AC also possible ?

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what is mean by marshalling box in transformer?

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Whether the vacuum contactor requires Short circuit protection?If No,why?


All Rector or Exchanger have spherical/hemispherical end Why?

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accessdenied javanet disconnet


what is mean topoplogy? you have which topology use the network?

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Reliance Interview Questions

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