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ONGC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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could mail me the question papers for the test.

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why transformer donot allow the dc?

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Briefly describe your ideal job?


why did youi choose this career?


what is neutral grounding? why is it required? what is neutral grounding resistor and how is its value calculated??

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What will happen if 230V DC motor connected to 230V AC Supply?

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what is the suitable voltage of transmission line to transmit 10000w power through 250 km. (a)11kv (b)33kv (c)66kv (d)132kv ]and please tell me whats the logic behind it

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how we can find of current direction(supply comming/out going direction) when a transmission line passing through sides.


formula for cable size calculation for current?

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what is the CT of protection and CT of metering ? what is class 5P10 & 5P20 and class PS ?

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how many types of colling system it transformers?

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how to test the ht machines?


what is DAR test?

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why using touble tube lamp use in factory?

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how is working bearing heater?


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ONGC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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