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ONGC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How could I get a certificate of competency as Electrical Supervisor? I have completed By BTech in Electrical this year(2012) for VJTI Mumbai Maharashtra. Is it compulsory to be produced while joining?


is EEE eligible for getting electrical supervisor certificate ? if yes then from which state i sud apply

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ow can i get certificate of competency as electrical supervisor and my diploma in electrical engineering from jalgaon.


i have done diploma and btech in EE and live in Chandigarh so kindly help me how can i make my competency certificate in my area.


Dear Sir I am living in Jaipur Rajasthan  now I did complete my b tech degree in electrical engineering in 2012  Sir how I gate certificate of competency for electrical supervisor


How to megger test 11 kV cable and the acceptance IR value


what will happen if i will done heart shape hole in transformer core?

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I am in last year of Engineering.I want to apply for ONGC on GATE based score.They require Certificate of Competency as Electrical Supervisor.How can i get this certificate so I can apply for AEE(ELECTRICAL) in 2016

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Whether 3 phase induction motorwith 100 hp capacity , Amp 160 for which sensitive earth fault relay , type CTUM 15 can be used?


Post New ONGC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

ONGC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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