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ONGC Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the reason for removing silicon from aluminum?

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i want pattern of ONGC Written examination

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R sir, i need placement paper of last years of IOCL in chemical sream...... send me the question paper as soon as possible on my email address.

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i need some of the previous year question paper for ongc technical test and if possible let me know about the books to read for test

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how can I find out a sulfuric acid recovery plant disigner?


what is the main components of air

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sir,please give me some exam paper for referance. Thanks & Regards,


viscosty of crude use for petroliun?

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what is extractive distillaion

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how to calculate material balnce & energy balnce

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hello everyone do anyone have interview questions for any chemical industry please email me at


Why does a fractionating column does not catch fire even though it operates at temperature greater than 400 degree C ?

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send me previous year question paper for ongc gt 2011 written exam


send previousyear question paper for ongc gt 2011 chemical engineering written exam


what is difference between B.Tech. and B.E. in chemical engineering

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ONGC Chemical Engineering Interview Questions

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