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ONGC Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions
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Please send me technical paper of ONGC for Mechanical branch.I am in need of the paper.Pls send me.

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Respected Sir, Please send me the technical question paper of ONGC.I am in urgent need of it.

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Respected Sir, Please send me the technical question paper of ONGC of mechanical branch.I m in urgent need of it.

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thermal engineering,strength of materials,design of machine element,

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3-4 questions on optical fiber : data based.


Hello Friends I had my ONGC test today,but it was very bad.But I would give certain suggestions so that u may not face he problem which i had. Be thorough with Electrical Technology.Generators.motors stators etc.There are 5 questions on that. There were also good no.of questions from Hydraulic machine and Production technology. Then 3 from Strength of materials.And remember the dimensional quantities.


In General please do read newspapers.And be thorough with 10th history and Geography.Biology also


The ratio of Emissive to absorption power of heat by a body is equal to heat emitted by a perfect black body. Who said the statement

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I want a RRB model question for Diploma mechanical Engg.

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what is the trignometry of lifting tools using the wire rope ? any formula for trignometry ?


why we are not using the unit joule for torque instead of N-m.

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ongc technical questions in mechanical engineering

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sir i need ongc old technical test papers can u send me immediately

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what is the fuction of asstt. rigman drilling


what is the angle of twist drill

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Post New ONGC Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

ONGC Mechanical Engineering Interview Questions

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