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ONGC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is mean impedance?

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what is difference between inductive and reactiveload?

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why ht alternators gland plats using brass?

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how to decrese the PH value of liquid resistance?

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how many typetesting of transformers?

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why commutator is attached with only dc macine

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what is earth-fault?when it occurs? to check where it occurs what type of test should we do?


how one can know the charging time, discharging time of a 12 VDC battery ? If i have a battery of 12 VDC , 4.0 AH , how long will it take to charge from a charger (power supply) of input 220 V , Output 15 V and output current of 3000 mA and how long will it take to discharge whether using or not ? How much backup will it give ?

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Describe the control mechanism of missile launcher???


Can transformer develop three phase power from a single phase source?

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Why effective AC resistance is more than DC resistance of a transmission line?

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why use phase displacement in transformer.and effect of phase displacement on transformer


why middle phase should used for earth fault and other phases used for over current in overcurrent and earth fault relay?

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how many types method in earth testing?

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Office , overtime and television how big this stage?


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ONGC Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

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