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Mind Tree Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Clear definition of boundary value analysis

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1) In a software development project Spiral Model was Chosen as the development model. What is the best-suited reason for this? A)This model is the oldest and most widely used paradigm for software development. B)In this model users get the feel free the actual system and developers get to build something immediately. C)In this model risk analysis is done coupled with evolutionary S/W process model with the iterative nature of prototyping and controlled systematic aspects of water fall model D)This model combines elements of Classical model with this iterative philoophy of prototyping.

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2)The prototype model is chosen on what grounds? A)During information engineering phase when all the requirements are clear and there is no space for any confusion. B)When the requirements are well understood and there is a need for developers to create a fully functional system within a very short time period. C)During information engineering phase when only generalized objectives of the software are defined and it is not possible to define detailed inputs, business rules and output requirements. D)when the focus should be given on the delivery of an operational product with each increment, where each increment is a spiral model.

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3) What is PDCA Cycle?

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4) Adhoc Testing is performed with A)A formal test plan but with out a formal testcase cool.gifA formal test case but without a test plan C) Both A and B D) None of the options

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5)which of the following is not the characteristics of well written Bug report? A)It describes a real defect in the product B)It describes the symptoms of the problem in terms of the behaviour of the system C)It contain a step by step procedure for reproducing the problem D)None

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6)If a project produces 1000 defects per 150 function points, then it is a: A)Baseline B)Benchmark C)Size D)None

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7)In a Banking Application, for a module to pay a bill it must have 3 screens (Entry, verification and confirmation screens) in series. It was found that at the final confirmation page the data was getting saved in the database but was not getting displayed on the screen. Which is the best suited category and severity of this defect? A)High severity Content issue B)Low severity Content issue C)High severity Data Loss D)Medium severity data loss

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8)What is the actual need for an alpha and beta testing? A)For the developers it is impossible to predict how the end user with really use the application B)Misinterpretation of instructions for using the software C)End users may use strange combinations of input data D)All the above

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How will you identify the client side error and server side error in web application?


what is the entry criteria and exit criteria of integration testing?

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what is the Test completion Criteria?

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What is the negative test cases for

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What is a test scenario? write atleast 15 test scenarios for gmail?

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what is the different between QA and test engineer?tell me in brief?

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Mind Tree Manual Testing Interview Questions

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