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Mind Tree Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what are the stages in Testing life cycle?

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What is metrics? explian the type of metrices.

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I Have a login screen.Jus before the release you see the screen and there is a bug.Tell mde wats the bug. screen : Logen : Password : | Submit |(submit is a button)

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Write 5 best test cases for : Login screen Login ( Min 5 to max 15 ) Password ( Min 5 to max 15) alphanumeric characters ans case senstive

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What is the diff between IE and netscape in a web testing on a login page.

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what is data stratification

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what is the diffrence between qualityassurance and system testing explain in detail with an example?

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What a manual tester should know about web servers?what he tests in servers?

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What is Adhoc testing?

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is there any test cases for sanity testingPlease tell me any consultancies or companies both in chennai, bangalore( not in hyderabad), who can provide mail id with an Id( official ID). Iam planning to keep exp. in 3 small companies( not MNCs) iam trying on 3.5 yrs manual testing in chennai,bangalore my mail id

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What is difference between regression testing and re- testing?

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What is the testing that a tester performs at the end of unit testing?

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Suppose product is to be delivered on urgent basis.There is no time to test on all OS and Browseres.We have time to execute atlest in one combination of OS and browser.Which one do you prefer and why?

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In V model how will you explain all testing types (unit,integration,sysetem,acceptance testing) as all these parallel testing.E.g.Once the design phase is completed how will you do the integration teting over here as tester doesnt know much about design.Briefly justify the V-model?

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What is Traciability Matrix

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Mind Tree Manual Testing Interview Questions

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