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Mind Tree C Sharp Code Interview Questions
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Write a function which accepts a sentence as input parameter.Each word in that sentence is to be reversed. Space should be there between each words.Return the sentence with reversed words to main function and produce the required output. for eg:- i/p: jack jill jung kill o/p: kcaj llij gnuj llik

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Write a program which has a function and that function should take 2 or 3 or any number of strings and it should return the largest common prefix of all those strings. If there is no common prefix it should return an empty string. for eg:- INPUT OUTPUT glo {glory,glorious,glod} gl {glad,glow} {calendar,phone} empty string

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Write a function which accepts list of nouns as input parameter and return the same list in the plural form. Conditions: i) if last letter is r then append s ii) if word ends with y then replace it by ies iii) call this function in main() and produce the required output. for eg:- if chair is input it should give chairs as output.


program to reverse the order of words in a string.

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program to reverse the order of digits in a given number of any length.

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program to check if a number is "perfect number".

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program for addition of fraction(M/N + P/Q = Y/Z)

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program for string reverse(eg:- i am boy -> boy am i)

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program for straight line(y=mx+c)


Write a program. there are 1..n numbers placed in an array in random fashion with one integer missing. find the missing number.

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Write a program to convert postfix expression to infix expression.


Write a program to count 3Letter, 4Letter and 5Letter words from a file and print the number of 3Letter, 4Letter and 5Letter words. Delimiter is space, tab, hifen. Also we should not consider the line in the file after we encounter # in that line.


Write a program to count the number of characters, number of words, number of line in file.

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Write a program to input an integer and - display the reverse - display the sum of each digit - should include logic that considers the input number as any number of digits long

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write a Program to copy the string using switch case.


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Mind Tree C Sharp Code Interview Questions

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