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Mind Tree QTP Interview Questions
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how can u put synchronization point in qtp,wat is exactly synchroniztion why we use it wat is benifit in qtp

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how many test scripts we will write in qtp? very urgent. please??? Thanks in advance..

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what is meant by "Parameterization technique"?

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can any one tel ,using simple string a[0]=I a[1]=N a[2]=D like that it go's . . out put i need INDIA help me it's really need full ..

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hai friend's .. my question is a[0]=I a[1]=N a[2]=D LIKE IT GO'S i need output INDIA ,using simple string how will u do? can any one tell really need full..

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how to export the result to notepad....for example i want to enter the user name and pass word and clicking on login button ......once you click on login button the corresponding page will open that page you having one list box you can get either success or failure ........friends here i want export the message what ever i got either success or failure to export the result to note pad

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If 3 browsers are opened in our system, how to enter the facebook url into second browser by using descriptive programing

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Mind Tree QTP Interview Questions

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