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Mind Tree COBOL Interview Questions
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Suppose, file A has 100 records and file B has 500 records. We want to write records common to both A and B into file C and records which are present only in either A or B into another file D. What should be the logic of Cobol program to achieve this?

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how do you move only numeric data from A to B 01 A pic x(10) value 'a1b2c34d5e'. 01 B pic x(5).

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There are two flat files one having 10 records and other having 5 records. write a cobol pgm to find the duplicate records(matching records)from both files.

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01 text-data pic x(100). move 'xyzdbfrjjg u' to text-data. how to find the value of last index of text-data?

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i have a file which contains records like 10,30,90,50,20,40,80,60,70 i want to display these records in reverse order like 70,60,80,40,20,50,90,30,10 please give me the cobol code (do not sort the records)

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Mind Tree COBOL Interview Questions

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