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Mind Tree C Sharp Interview Questions
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Can you declare the override method static while the original method is non-static?

2 8920

Can you override private virtual methods?

11 21206

Can you prevent your class from being inherited and becoming a base class for some other classes?

2 8767

Can you allow class to be inherited, but prevent the method from being over-ridden?

2 7754

What?s an abstract clas?

5 8488

When do you absolutely have to declare a class as abstract (as opposed to free-willed educated choice or decision based on UML diagram)?

2 12060

What?s an interface class?

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Why can?t you specify the accessibility modifier for methods inside the interface?

3 6844

Can you inherit multiple interfaces?

7 17213

What?s the difference between an interface and abstract class?

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Mind Tree C Sharp Interview Questions

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