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Mind Tree SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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How will be the Ticket process flow happens in a Production support project

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What special configuration you did in project

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what are the A/c s debited and which A/c s crideted after saving the Invice?

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After PGI what are the document get generated. Is there any accounting document also generated or not.Please suggest with example.

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how to give absolute amt discount in payment term? in payterm suppose 30days 2% discount discount is there but what i have to do if i want to give rs 1/- cash discount per 1 kg.say the customer has taken 100kgs of material.thanks in advance.

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hi,can any body let me know whether we can run mrp in third party scenerio.if so what will be its impact or result

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wt is your role in support project?and how will u get the request no. who will raise that no.and after resolving the ticket what is the next procedure?who will transfer that? please let me know the total scenario of support project?

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1)what are ticket tools used in production support project. 2)how the system work in price

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I have created a customer with Account group XXXX and also done some transactions till billing, now I want to change the account group from XXXX to YYYY. How can I change and what about the transactions already happened?

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What happen when u save cash sale and what are the postings done after saving it (which GL account will be updated)

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If I am having material today and also i can deliver today itself why cant I go for cash sale (BV) rather than normal sales order (OR)

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hi experts,recently one of the interview i faced this question, 'what is the basic unit of sd? and what is the account group' please suggest me

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recently i have attended face to face interview,interviewer gave me one empty paper then he told me, "can you show me your company enterprise structure" ? then i drawn 'ET'but he is not satisfied . please suggested me

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Mind Tree SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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