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Mind Tree ASP.NET Interview Questions
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Uses of CLR ?

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if u r projet consist of 4 people means how can u manage the file

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if i have 1000 records and i want to access 20 ata time from SQL server, what will be the query?

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If i have 1000 records in dataset, how to do paging?

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what are the ways to improve performance in .net application?

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when user is logged on the information is saved in a cookie, what is the name of that cookie?

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view state data is stored in which format?

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relacement of websevices in .net 3.0?

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what are the application layers for a distribute application?


What is the relationship(in oops) between codebehind and inline code(.aspx to .aspx.cs)??? explain

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Why do we need Web Services?

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how we Creating a Web Service

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Difference between viewstate, cache, session

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How many types of Stored Procedures in SQL Server

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Mind Tree ASP.NET Interview Questions

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