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APPSC General Studies Interview Questions
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What is called as ?Cord Blood?

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Where is the Centre for DNA Fingerprinting and Diagnostics (CDFD) located

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Where the Semen used for the purpose of artificial insemination is stored

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Where the world?s first eco friendly hotel ?Orchid? is located

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Who was the founder president of Swaraj Party

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Which countries were separated by Strait of Dover

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Which of the three African countries connected by Lake Victoria

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India

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Which honorary degree did the Prime Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh received in Oxford on July 8, 05

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hi all of u.i have applied for GROUP 2 exam.i lost my acknowledgement number.shall we get hallticket only by giving our name and date of birth.if any one knows plz clarify my doubt plzz...

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My name is Anitha Jones and my application number is 5567448. Please suggest me how to get my hall ticket for APPSC Group II exams.

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when are the g-II results are going to come out

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the sribagh pact(sri bagh agreement)concluded on 16 th nov 1937 was between----------------------.

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please send me previous question papers of asst motor vehicle inspector.

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