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APPSC Group II AllOther Interview Questions
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pls tell me the link or related sites for group II Or send 2 mail id thanks

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What is the most remarkable aspect of Indian industry since independence?

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what is the party symbol of Telugu Desam Party & Congress??...Assume it is a rapid fire round...answer as early as posibble.

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Who is the opposition of Asoka in kalinga war??

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Name the kings who ruled india and other countries(other than indian subcontinent)aswell?

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what is "The Great Economic Dippression"...When and why it is happened??...who sustained??

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what is the current highest source of income for the state of andhra pradesh??... clue: it is a tax?

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Name the person who have been the Chief Minister, Speaker of loksabha, President.

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What is SEBI? Who is the Chairman of it?

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The Car SKODA Octavia is from which country??

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how to get hall ticket

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I did not got the hall ticket for group2(Andhra Pradesh),how can I got it through net

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What is the minimum percentage should i have in B.Tech to Write Group1 & Gropu2 Exams

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This Blog will help the new aspirants of the APPSC Group-1,2 exams

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plese send my results marks


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