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APPSC Group I Interview Questions
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What is the total syllabus of Group I and Group II?

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Can any one please confirm if the APPLICATION FORMS for GROUP I are available for sale ?

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Dear Friends, can u tell me where can i find the APPSC New syllabus for Group 1. I am desperately looking for this. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

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do we really benefit from nuclear deal?

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Please provide me the contact details of R.C. REDDY coaching center located at ashok nagar,hyderabad which provides coaching for APPSC GROUP 1 services.

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how to get appsc group 1&2 New sylabus meterial?

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how I have to get Group 1 model Papers which were recently released by appsc?

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hi! the age limit for group 1 and 2 is 18 to 38.... can anyone pl tell me clearly about the age... I mean from which date to which date born peole are eligible>....

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how i will get group 1 priliminary hall ticket

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hi friends myname is praveen. how to download the hallticket from appsc site .plz send me the link to my mail id:

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how can i get group1 prelims hallticket upto now i did not got hallticket there is no information related to download of duplicate hallticket in appsc site or else please inform in which eseva centre i can get the hallticket.

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I didnot received APPSC GROUP I Hall ticket by post how can i get hall ticket 1)e Seva, 2) Through net 3) other source

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I got exactly 80 marks in Group prelims...did i qualify for mains....?i m in confusion start the preparation for mains..plz reply asap

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what is the qualifying mark of group1 prelims?

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I lost my hall ticket of Group1 (Pril), unfortunately i was fail to note down my hall ticke no.. My score may be in range of 90-95. But i didnt get confirmation , becaz of Hall Ticket no. how can i get my hall ticket no . one more thing i dont have serial no also......

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