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APPSC Group II History Interview Questions
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To which age The Indus Valley Civilization belongs

9 12060

With which metal the Harappan weapons were made of

7 9518

Where the famous bronze figure of a female dancer belonging to the Indus civilization found

3 3439

Who was the founder of Ajivika sect

4 12703

In which script the Asoka?s inscriptions were inscribed

4 4416

Which was the capital of Rashtrakutas

1 3943

Who was the poet who proudly styled himself as ?The Parrot of India?

5 6724

Who was the first woman president of the Congress

12 11466

From which place did Gandhiji started his Dandi Yatra

13 20914

Who founded the Navjawan Bharat Sabha

3 5597

Who was known as ?The Conscience-keeper of the Mahatma Gandhiji

5 17966

What was the most controversial measure of Lord Moutbatten

3 3691

Who given the title of ?Father of the Nation? to Gandhiji

23 16333

IN which year planning commission was set up in Independent India

11 13933

How to get hallticket of group 2 2008

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