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APPSC Group II History Interview Questions
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To which age The Indus Valley Civilization belongs

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With which metal the Harappan weapons were made of

7 8578

Where the famous bronze figure of a female dancer belonging to the Indus civilization found

3 3045

Who was the founder of Ajivika sect

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In which script the Asoka?s inscriptions were inscribed

4 3920

Which was the capital of Rashtrakutas

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Who was the poet who proudly styled himself as ?The Parrot of India?

5 6220

Who was the first woman president of the Congress

12 10080

From which place did Gandhiji started his Dandi Yatra

13 19210

Who founded the Navjawan Bharat Sabha

3 5130

Who was known as ?The Conscience-keeper of the Mahatma Gandhiji

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What was the most controversial measure of Lord Moutbatten

3 3288

Who given the title of ?Father of the Nation? to Gandhiji

23 14273

IN which year planning commission was set up in Independent India

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How to get hallticket of group 2 2008

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