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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India..

Answer / rajani

Westerm ghats and Eastern Himalayas are the two hotspots of
Indian biodiverse regions.

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India..

Answer / pradeep kumar

There are two hot spots in india.
Namely, 1)Eastern himalayas.
2)Western ghats.

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India..

Answer / deepak kumar

hot spot are the major biodiverse regions in which a vast
ecology of flora and fauna are present. In India there are
two hot spot namely (i) western ghats (ii) eastern

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India..

Answer / chetna

western ghats and eastern himalayas are the two hot spots
of biodiversity in india

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India..

Answer / vikas garg

eastern himalayan and western ghat inluding sri lanka are 2
hot spot of indian region

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India..

Answer / celin jose

Eastern Himalaya and Western Ghat including Sri Lanka is
the two biodiversity hot spots in India.

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India..

Answer / tripti

total 2 hot spots i.e eastern & western ghats in india n
total 25 hot sot countries that are decleared as hot spot

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India..

Answer / poonam choudhary

Western ghat and Indo berma are two bio diversity occur in india.

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India..

Answer / bhu123

Western ghats eastern
himalayas and hills of indo-
myanmar border region

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Which is the ?hot spot? of biodiversity in India..

Answer / k.g prijilal

Western Ghats,North East and Andaman and Nicobar Islands
are the three hot spots in India.
Biodiversity as measured by Vascular plants including
angiosperms,Vertibrates etc are very rich in Western ghats
and North East due to the presence of Tropical Rain Forest
and the western ghats have more endemic species.There are
currently seven national parks in the Western Ghats with a
total area of 2,073 sq. km (equivalent to 1.3% of the
region) and 39 wildlife sanctuaries covering an area of
about 13,862 sq. km (8.1%).The Andaman and Nicobar Islands
are very rich in biodiversity, harbouring unique endemic
life forms. The islands have both rich terrestrial as well
as marine ecosystems, such as mangroves,coral reefs and sea
grass beds. The marine biodiversity includes marine mammals
such as whales, dolphins, dugong; marine turtles; estuarine
or salt water crocodile; fishes; prawns andnlobsters;
corals; sea shells including rare and endangered Trochus
species and Giant Clam Shells and numerous other marine
life forms including coelenterates and echinoderms etc.The
Northeast region of India comprising of the states of
Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya,
Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Nagaland and Sikkim can be
physiographically categorized into the
Eastern Himalayas, Northeast hills (Patkai-Naga Hills and
Lushai Hills) and the Brahmaputra and Barak Valley
plains.The region has been identified by the Indian Council
of Agricultural Research (ICAR) as a centre of rice
germplasm while the National Bureau of Plant Genetic
Resources (NBPGR), India, has highlighted the region as
being rich in wild relatives of crop plants.The region is
rich in medicinal plants and many other rare and endangered
taxa. Its high endemism in both higher plants, vertebrates
and avian diversity has qualified it to be a
biodiversity ‘hotspot.

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