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AppLabs Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the difference between software Product and Project

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How you send defect report?

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What are the common defects revealed in Functionality testing?

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what are the microsoft six rules for usability?

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How can you report the defect using excel sheet?

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Explain about Bug life cycle?

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what are the defferent defect statuses?

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Where do you fit exactly?In automation or manual testing?

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Give me examples for high priority and low severity defects?

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Give me examples for high priority and High severity defects?

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What is the test strategy for installation testing?

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Give me examples for high priority and hign severity defects?

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Explain about PET Model?


Expain about V model?

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Expain about double V model?

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Un-Answered Questions

If I have put commit in badi implementation class after update, is it allowed? Also if some standard functionality already implemented an update and now i m doing update and if it fails, what will be the impact of commit?


From the following particulars taken on 31 December, 1995, you are required to prepare a bank reconciliation statement to reconcile the bank balance shown in the Cash Book with that shown in the Pass Book: (i) Balance as per Pass Book on 31 December, 1995, O/D Rs 1,027. (ii) Four cheques drawn on 31 December but not cleared till January are as follows: Rs 12; Rs 1,021; Rs 98; and Rs 113. (iii) Interest on O/D not entered in Cash Book Rs 51. (iv) Three cheques received on 30 December and entered in the bank column of the Cash Book but not lodged in bank for collection till 3 January next: Rs 1,160; Rs 2,100; and Rs 2,080. (v) Cost of cheque book, Pass Book, etc; Rs 1.50 entered twice erroneously in Cash Book in November. (vi) A Bill Receivable for Rs 250 due on 29 December, 1995 was passed to the bank for collection on 28 December, 1990 and was entered in Cash Book forthwith whereas the proceeds were credited in the Pass Book only in January following. (vii) Chamber of Commerce subscription Rs 10 paid by bank on 1 December, 1990 had not been entered in the Cash Book. (viii) Bank charges of Rs 5 had been debited in the pass book twice erroneously. . . . plz be fast


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What is a product cipher?


Which institute in hyderabad is good for ETL testing? Please suggest


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What would you change about your job?


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what is project?


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What is an encryption "key" and what is the importance of key length?


AppLabs Manual Testing Interview Questions
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