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AppLabs QTP Interview Questions
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what is the Exact Meaning of Environment Variables?

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what is key word driven frame work how to use keyword driven frame in QTP in a project

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waht is the difference between QTP 8.2 and 9.0 version

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we r conduction testing on a project USING QTP, regarding that project the object repository is full ? Till that project having objects that r not recognised by repository, then what wil you do? How we wil recogine remailning objects? Is it possible to maintain another shared(or)peraction repository? what is the maximum capcity of object repository? How the technical people decide this much object repository is enoughf for this project?

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what is the extension for QTP files?

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what is syncurnisation point? what is the use of this in real time environment? plz explain?

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what is the difference between action and function

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can somebody send the script to write a multiplication table in notepad through qtp

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I need your help in the below topic using QTP Automation tool. How to automate the right click of mouse on a context menu? 1)Tried low level recording which is working fine but making use of co-ordinates. 2) Also tried changing the mouse settings and properties using Tools ->WebEvent RecordingConfiguration and created a configuration file with required mouse click events and used which did not work.

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what is risks of testing a project?

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Test cases for Traffic Signals

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In QTP for .net application which plug in is used? For Java Application which plug in is used ?

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what r the 3 basic factor on which we determine to perform automation

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how to read log file using QTP??

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will QTP accepts javascript?

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