what are the microsoft six rules for usability?

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Answer / mallikarjun.g

User Interface Testing come under GUI (Graphic User
Interface) testing. GUI is a functional testing.
Six Rules for Microsoft user interface testings are:-
1) Controls should be clear and visible
2) Controls should be aligned properly
3) Controls should not be overlapped
4) Initial letter should be in capital letters
5) Making sure that "Ok" & "Cancel" buttons exists.
6 Making sure that "System Menu" exists.

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Answer / sirisha surya

Microsoft six rules

Controls are init cap
controls must be visible
controls must be alligned
ok cancel existence
system menu existance
controls should not overlap
These are micro soft six rules regarding usability

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Answer / magesh varadharajan

1.Controls should be Initcap (i.e. every label should start
with Capital letter )Can observe that in Win applications
every label starts with Caps
2. OK or Cancel button should exist
3. Controls should not be overlapped
4. Controls should be aligned properly (left side alignment
is mandatory but the right side is optional)
5. Controls should be visible
6. Short cut keys should be provided
7. System menu should exist (i.e. if u press Alt key + Space
bar a menu will appear at the left most corner )
8. Mouse pointer events
9.Colors, Label Names, Tab Order, Alignment, graphs ,
Navigation of the software to test in GUI testing.

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Answer / vru.babu

hello sirisha mam,

what is the purpose of microsoft 6 rules?

in which testing the rules are applicable?

plz tell me.


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