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AppLabs Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Expalin about PET model?

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When do you prepare Requirement Traceability Matrix(RTM) before testing aor after completion of testing?

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What is meant by Gamma testing?

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what is exit criteria for testing?

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How many testcases can you write an avg for a day?

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How many test scripts can you prepare per a day?

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Can you explain about defect life cycle?

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Expain testing proces of your company?

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what is the difference between Test case and Test scenario? is it necessary to prepare scenarios before writing test cases?explain in detail.

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Can any one tell me how SRS ,BRS documents are made?Also,what are the documents to be referred through out the SDLC and TESTING phase?

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What is testing methodology?

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How will you teach internet to 90 year old women (Grandamma)..i want see the response of this question.This was one my inerview question.

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can u give me the test scenario template and one example test scenario?

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can u give me the Test case step template and write one test case step (ex)please

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Hallow friends, I have put more than 80 questions in QTP sub-category that were asked many reputed companies so that if you know the answers please post answers thank you, padmasekharpediredla

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