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AppLabs Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is mutation testing

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What is Risk Mitigation and who will involve in Risk mitigation plan?

11 44428

what is test scenario and test case ?please explain detail

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What is Component Testing? How to do Component Level Testing?

20 58628

How much time it will take for regression testing

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what r the differences between Testing on desktop application and Testing on client-server application while using QTP?oR while using MANUAL

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Who will repare SRS? What is the basis for SRS preparation?

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Explain about V-model?

3 7134

Explain about Double V model?

3 7302

How you can decide the number of testcases are enough for testing the given module?

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What is your favourite Bug?

10 9891

How many testcases have you written till, now as an average per project?

1 10065

How many testcases have you written till, now as an average per project?

1 3590

How many testcases can you write per a day, an average figure?

11 31043

Explain about gamma tesing?

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AppLabs Manual Testing Interview Questions
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