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AppLabs Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is Manual Testing?Can I Know the best Institute in Hyderabad & the Best Institute to get Projects?Plz kindly help me ? Iam thinking to learn Testing? My qualification : BCA with MBA .

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What is the difference between version and build.

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why did u choose software testing as ur profession????

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What's the exact meaning of quality

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what is the quality?

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Please let us know With out GUI features how to test the application

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In a web application one page is getting open in server & if i tries to open the same page in the local system,application is throwing page not found error. what are all the possible scenarios? Please let me know the scenarios

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the interviwer ask ,why u r choose testing field means how can i say the answer for this one friend tell me

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what is difference between regression testing and re- testing?

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what is Non-Functional testing? & their types?

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