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ICICI Marketing Sales Interview Questions
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what does success mean to you

39 53073

why you are looking to change your job?

41 170161

How many hours would you like to work?

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Tell us about a marketing plan that you have developed and the result of implementing that plan.


what is your strength

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What essential features must be present in a person who is leading a sales team ?

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How would you motivate a sales team who is already doing business and achieving target ?

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tell me about ur self

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how can you sell a computer to an illiterate person?how will you convincw him?

14 18049

how will i sell a refrigerator to an eskimo?

41 96674

how will you sell a mobile ?

8 12559

what do you mean by online marketing?

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name 5 indian business person who have a great impact over india's economy?say something about themselves.

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what do u mean by marketing? what are the responsibilities should a marketing manager have?

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why you did'nt select in campus placement ?


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ICICI Marketing Sales Interview Questions

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