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ICICI POs Interview Questions
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What does mean the word ?NPA? in Banking Sector

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What is the punch line of ICICI Bank?

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banking organisation structure

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I want to view the solved model papers from SBI bank

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i want previous question papers of andhrabank pos. please send those papers to my email id

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1.What is PLR? What is SBI's present SBAR? 2.What is mixed economy? 3.Who is the owner of SBI at present with what shares? 4.Who will issue currency notes? Who will issue one rupee notes? 5.What is mixed economy? 6.What is CRR ? 7.What is Bnak Rate ? 8.What is the function of RBI ? 9.What is inflation rate ? 10.Some european bank is in lost,What is the reason ,and what is the impact on IT sector and economic condition in India?

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i need General Awareness qustions for preparing my IOB PO exams

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how to take notes from newspapers for general awarness for po exams....because i dont know which is the important news in much time is needed in a day to prepare for po to prepare for descriptive papers .. and give me more tips pls

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U r from Engineering stream (IT), Y r u interested in banking sector??

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Hi, I got shorlisted for group discussion & interview of icici po program. Could someone tell me which type of question they are going to ask?

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hi..i am saurabh,i am selected for icici bank interview on 23/8/10.if some one is selected or some know about interview questions than please mail me

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i have been shortlisted for united bank of India po interview....what kind of question do they ask in interview...pls do reply...m confused

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Hi I got selected for ICICI PO INTERVIEW(1/3/11) Pls Help me what kind of Questions i may face. I completed MCA. "How can I survive well in Business field?" pls guide me for answering this Question....Thanks in advance


I m a BTECH ELECTRICAL ENGINEER.Please can u give some questions and answers asked in icici bank for the po post.


what does mean of npa in banking sector


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ICICI POs Interview Questions

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