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ICICI Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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why should i hire u?

21 65638

What is your strengths? Explain one by one?

10 18615

What is your weakness? more than five and explain? how u overcome that?

22 95579

Explain the line "All that glitters is not gold"

60 91207

what is the definition of teacher & tell 5 qualities

92 227371

Plz give me the details about how to introduce ourself like the conventional question that is mostly asked at MNCs...."Tell me about u r self"???

41 54394

what is politics.or Say something on politics.

1 2804

Tell me something about your hometown.

35 313737

how to say the self introduction

24 89121

Who is your role model ?

16 60919

wat is ur holiday favourite holiday spot

7 13801

why you wanted to become team leader in call centre?

4 16410

what do u know abt the call centre?

3 6798

What factors are crucial within an Organisation and must be present for you to work most effectively?

2 14932

why do u came to banking sector from software field?

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ICICI Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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