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ICICI Banking Finance Interview Questions
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What is meant by orbit rage?

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What is SEBI?

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What are different types of Risks?

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What is Treasury Bills?

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what are the important question which some ask at the time of interview of a finance company

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what is portfolio

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name of cos. listend in sensex ?

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what is swaps?

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Having completed 4 years for electronics engineering studies , why you are interested to work in a bank ?

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who are underwriters? what is their work?

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please send me ncfm exam financial markets:a beginner's module

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please send me ncfm for5 years question paper in financial markets(a basic begginers)module,immeditaly

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Please let know any good short term courses courses in Finance related to Stock markets as I would like to enhance my career in the invest banking sector.

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Post New ICICI Banking Finance Interview Questions

ICICI Banking Finance Interview Questions

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