Which type of error was eliminated through the use of gray code

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What is the weight per meter (Kg/m)of 0.5mm dia copper 10 pair,50 pair and 100 pair,200 pair,500pair telephone cables?

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Can anyone plzzz tel me how can we generate sinusoidal waveform using 8085 chip??????? plzz reply with corresponding assembly language program........or simply the accurate logic.....

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what is the function of TRU and how it works and how many calls it will take at a time?

0 Answers   TalentPro,

what is overlapping

2 Answers   Reliance,

what is the logic circuit of 8:3 encoder and 3:8 decoder?

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why ringing is very high in emitter follower and source follower?

2 Answers   Freescale,

A noiseless 8kHz channel is sampled every 1msec. What is the maximum data rate?

1 Answers   Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications,

hai i am balaji now i applied for the post of section engineer in rrb chennai............ if any body know the question peper and pattern of written exam please send to me

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What is meant by pre-emphasis and de-emphasis?

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why the mobility of electron is high than hole?

4 Answers   Samsung,

please send me rrb gorakhpur je teli question paper

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how do microwave oven works??

4 Answers   Bhel,

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