Which type of error was eliminated through the use of gray code

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How much losses in microwave Link?

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what is function of FIU 19,

3 Answers   NSN,

Hi.. I M Goinig to appear for ISRO exam On 26 April 2009. is any body tel mi the pattern of question paper ant the interview question regarding that...

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Balun is a transformer which changes a). unbalanced to balanced line b). balanced to unbalanced line c). zero to infinite impedance d). input like transformer

3 Answers   Cisco,

what is the difference between 2G and 3G network?

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what is interview

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i having one cisco 2950 switch,but i having no rights of ythis switch,now i want to know switch macc addrerss of particular network ip,how can i resolved?

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what is the difference between NOPE and HLT instructions in 8085?

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Please send BSNL TTA Question Answer

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What is HSN? How do we apply it?

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When we trim a resistor, we are A Making a fine adjustment B Reducing its value C Increasing its value D Making a coarse adjustment

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What is Front End Tool?

2 Answers   TCS,

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