I have 0.75mm sq multicore cable (IS type) , can use instead of same type but 1.5 sq mm cable ? Note : The distance is around about 150 meter.

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how to control motor load with rpm or vfd

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Identification of control valve parts.

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how can leve transmetter calibate in feild .and also put cv and flow plz .....

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What is mean by AC voltage and DC voltage

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difference between span and range

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what is the difference between the microcontroller and PLC?

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what is the different between plc and dcs ? I know full name of this two but I want to know what structure and working style and speed I/O capacity and controller difference?

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what should be the distance of vibration sensor & to the point where vibration to be measured Ex turbine axial displacement

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please suggest me, how can i change the display setting in term of unit in place of % of Honeywell pressure transmitter ST3000S100?

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What is the different between ESD & PLC.

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what is difference between accelerometer vibration sensor and proximity vibration sensor

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procedure to commission a drum level transmitter

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