I have 0.75mm sq multicore cable (IS type) , can use instead of same type but 1.5 sq mm cable ? Note : The distance is around about 150 meter.

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in which mode of the zener diode act when load voltage is approximately constant

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What is Square Root Extractor for?

8 Answers   Sabic,

what is difference between Floating D.C.Voltage and Fixed D.C.Voltage?

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Is it possible to convert 4 wire transmitter to convert to 2 wire with additional relay.Please send detial with drawing,i will appreciate.

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In RTU Panel we are having several Analogue & Digital Inputs /Outputs. We are recently facing some problems over Analog inputs , which are not updating properly (But Digital Input are updating normally) Can any one tell me from where the problem is creating , we have checked PLC CPU card, Analog Input card & we reconfigured ,But still the issue is there. Issue : 1. Sometimes Analog values are updating & sometimes not. 2. Analog values are not updating normally , showing some wrong Values 3. Total dead (0 value) Analog values are Level & flow measurement from the field instruments. (But in field the instruments are working normally & Displaying the values normally in local display unit) This problem we are facing in our Water Plant. If any one experienced this same problem or having any ideas related to our issue PLS send your valuable Answers/Replies...

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how to measure oxygen which methods are using?

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how we use the positioner feed back in split range control valves?

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HI THIS IS NOOR AHMMAD.SHAIK, I AM WORKING IN INSTRUMENTATION MAINTENANCE Dept. in BOILER HOSE(BHEL HYDERABAD),,any other persons are working in same dept. i want some HELP in my subject

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The wire is disconnected from the fuel gauge sending unit (bimetallic gauge). A voltmeter connected to the wire reads a pulsating 5v. What does this indicate?

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what are the installation requirement is common to all flow meter when volumetric flow rate is being measured

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how to calibrate TT transmitter

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how pressure reduce through pressure control valve? suppose we have to reduce 20 kg pressure to 10 kg pressure , then what we do ? open the valve or close the valve , initially it is 20 % is upon ( for ur knowledge ).

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