Call Centre Interview Questions
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I would like to knw about some basic interview questions ans answers



Tell me something about ur self

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why do you want to join call center

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somebody can help me to fin all the trasncripts for the versant tests the ones DELL make in the phone pleasi i need help!!!

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what r the different interview rounds in nipuna bpo plase any body answer me

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What is the mejor think future in the industry.


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Why do you want to work here If hered If you take if How you benifit organization


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Last Saturday on 18.05.2007 I went for an interview in IBM- Daksh. They asked me why u are not trying for a job in any other firm like DELL, HP, Microsoft etc. What kind of answer one have to put for this kind of questions.


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If one person in ur team is not working as per your requirement or satisfaction what u have to do? If the same person tell u to firstly change yourself then what kind of answer we have to put?


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What is Your hobby

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what is supernatural power.


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what is Team Player.

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what do you understand by friendship.


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why marriage is so important. or what is marriage.

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please send me international call centres question and ans. on my mail id( Thanks


you have a stability issue hr people told me ?than what should I tell them?


Give me a specific example of a time when you had to conform to a policy with which you did not agree.


1. Has modern looking equipment


what is stub zones and what thair work


what are the responsibilities of a quality analyst in call center


9. Insists on error-free records


how did u celebrate your last birth day ?


1> What is water mark & why it will be used? 2> how do you make / done duplex setting in printer or while printing ? 3> total in how many ways from n/w system, user can send the data ? 4> in n/w how user can access the data from another system ? 5> what is virtual memory, page file, hyper trending? 6> mail account configure & difference ? [express, outlook, IMAP, notes] 7> n/w command & layer ? Q asked at HP, Bangalore, for non voice tech support.


i have received my call caler till now what should i do


What are your strengths and weaknesses? Give an example of this behaviour


why you feel you would be suitable for Inbound customer service consultant role in a bank ?


Please tell me about an occasion when you had to analyse a large amount of complex information which led to you identifying an improvement in service delivery or cost.


I am 36 years old with graduation. Is it possible to get job in international bpo without any experience? Previously i was into my father business and due to some reasons business got shut down.


what is the anual report of hcl bpo