Call Centre Interview Questions
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I would like to knw about some basic interview questions ans answers



Tell me something about ur self

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why do you want to join call center

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somebody can help me to fin all the trasncripts for the versant tests the ones DELL make in the phone pleasi i need help!!!

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what r the different interview rounds in nipuna bpo plase any body answer me

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What is the mejor think future in the industry.


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Why do you want to work here If hered If you take if How you benifit organization


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Last Saturday on 18.05.2007 I went for an interview in IBM- Daksh. They asked me why u are not trying for a job in any other firm like DELL, HP, Microsoft etc. What kind of answer one have to put for this kind of questions.


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If one person in ur team is not working as per your requirement or satisfaction what u have to do? If the same person tell u to firstly change yourself then what kind of answer we have to put?


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tell me something about yourself?

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What is Your hobby


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what is supernatural power.


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what is Team Player.

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what do you understand by friendship.


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why marriage is so important. or what is marriage.

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Un-Answered Questions { Call Centre }

First round was HR round. The questions asked were: Tell me about yourself? Where were u born and brought up? I'l give u a sentence like a "walk in the park" or "walk in the vegetable market". Now frame a short story around it. Next was aptitude round, where 1 logical question such as "A works not in mangalore, not in mysore. B works in Mysore and not in mangalore, not in bangalore. C works in Mangalore. Then where does A work?" The rest were simple english questions and a passage was given and some questions asked from it. Next was technical round. The questions asked were: What is an IP address? What are the different types of networks(A,B,C,D,E) Can u tell me the address range of A,B,C,D,E networks? Why do we use these different networks? What is static Ip address? What is Dynamic IP address? How do we find out the IP address from your computer? What is the use of DNS? Next was OPS round. The questions asked were: Tell me more about yourself. What are ur expectations from the job? Describe success in terms of job? What is ur ideal job? Are u comfortable to work in night shifts? Sometimes a person younger to u might be in a better position. Are u comfortable taking directions from him? What is ur expected salary? If the software sector booms, Would u change ur job?


What's your favorite food tell me how to cook it? So you like to read books, tell me something about the book that you red last time? and you belong in different organizations, tell me what else do you do there and what is this organization that you belong to? ( these are the follow up questions sometimes being asked to prove if you're lying or not, so the tip here's be specific with your answers to make them believe in what you're sayin. These questions are being encountered after answering the question,of telling something about yourself.)


How long do you want go work here?


Tell me something about any ur tour?How u enjoy in that tour tell briefly?


Will you be happy to re-locate, if required?




starting with your last job, would you tell me about some of your achievements that was recognized by your superiors?


talk about Bangalore transportation




what are the key resposibilities of Team Leader


Can you work in shifts?


What all rounds do we have to face in dell(bpo)??


Would you take up this job if we offered it to you?


how are you qualified for this job?


What makes you stay here for longer years?