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Three reasons why you want to join just dial    0  13
How did you spent your last holiday..??    0  15
please describe your daily routine of your mom    0  21
Question 1: Scenario A customer has just opened a new unit (purchased two weeks ago) which isn't working correctly. After you have run through the troubleshooting steps, the issue hasn't been solved so the item will need to come back to company for repair. You explain to the customer the normal process is to: Drop off the item at any Australia Post Office with a Return Slip attached to the box Wait for the item to arrive at Company HQ, be repaired and then sent back (all shipping costs are covered by Company) The customer now tells you they purchased this item for a camping trip which is a week away. The item has to be fixed, but you know that one week isn't enough time to have the item sent back to Company, repaired, and sent back to the customer in time for their trip. What would you do in this scenario to ensure great customer service, but also do the right thing by Company?    0  16
What would you do If get The Power of Invisible for one Day    1  211
Why are you become a trainer    1  196
Friends I have cleared all the rounds except Client round. Any body tell me what is that round? And what should I prepare for that.    0  165
HOW you spend the last day? how you spend the last Birthday.    0  197
How to speak fluently English    1  782
why do you want to work in bpo sector    1  336
what is the full form of CQ? and what do you understand by a CQ percentage??    4  991
Sell me a beauty product    1  649
I joined sutherland bpo on 16th september 2015 and left on 6th october 2015? Now they are asking for recovery of rs 8500. What if i don't pay the amount? I left that bpo due to work pressure. Can they take legal action against me? If i don't pay recovery amount. They did not give any salary to me, because i worked only for 20 days. And in my offer latter it is mentioned that i have to pay 1 month salary to company, if i leave the company without giving notice period of 15 days.    1  396
why to join bpocompany if completed done btech?    1  1211
You have completed in 2012 right,what are u doing in 3 years?    0  602
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Why do you consider yourself suitable for administration position? 1017
what is unforgattable day 428
what do you know about mumbai city 1385
HI! I am fresher to call centre and would like to work in this field. Can anyone explain me how to get started as a fresher with no knowledge of interview,group discussion, jam sesion etc. 579
What is technical voice process job in BPO? Please give answer in details. What type of work i have to do? 437
How did you spent your last holiday..?? 15
all general question related bpo and self 701
n rounds will be there in IBM voice based non-tech support? 626
why telecom fraud happening in india?? 585
How would you relate your key competencies to this position? 10023
Hi Friends, Can anyone send me a Six Sigma question bank with answers on my email id : I am a quality manager in a Mulitnational Company. I have to design a question paper for my already trained green belts and black belts. I had a great knowledge base on six sigma at my home pc but since the mother board has gone bad and it has gobe for repair, I am not able to design a question paper. Please send me a question bank if anyone of you has it. I know that these things are really valuable but I would be highly obliged if you can do this favour. I would look forward to a long professional relationship with that individual. Thanks 947
which suject bored you the more and why? 434
Why are like to work in my company? 662
explain the senerio ofa bus stand or a a shopping mall as if you are a guard or dustbin!! 380
how do you relate with your father 378
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