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How many post in call center.plz rpl me in step by step.    0  111
When I was in bank of America I got  question tell me about your unforgettable day    1  335
why you want this job (specialy when you go for first interview and changeing the industries)    0  1906
About your experience and knowledge    1  1176
why you want this job (specially when you go for first interview and changing the industries)    0  753
Tell something about today's climate?    0  2713
Describe the assessment room ? What did u heard or watched recently?    0  1205
talk about Bangalore transportation    0  987
Being as a Team Leader why you are not looking for same kind of position instead why are you looking for associate level of job?    1  4909
Can anybody come up with an example that how SLA and AHT is calculated ?    0  1084
why dont call centers prefer engineering students?    2  4248
Why do you consider yourself suitable for administration position?    0  682
where u will use your specialization(B.Tech) in BPO? wipro   1  5122
What should i tell if the hr ask me why you choose and then bpo any one of pls suggest me what i have to answer infosys   1  2671
I have debt of 5 lacs in bank, due to financial crisis I lost my job and at present I'm jobless. I can't able to repay the loan and credit cards. Bankers are not trying to understand my situation and they threat me email by stating that I can't able to open new bank account and new jobs and visa process and passport will be terminated. Please anybody help me how to solve this problem is it true that I will not get new job and visa process. axis-bank   1  1269
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Un-Answered Questions
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Give me an example of a job where you had to work as a team 568
Merchant account holder seeking call centers to establish network/team with. We hold merchant accounts in several countries, particularly in the US. Prefer call centers ambitious in sales strategies. Please contact to be part of our team. 278
How would you relate your key competencies to this position? 9406
Why weren't you regularized in your previous job? 1335
tel me someting about your past 508
why jobs been done night time 1000
Information about charterd bank. 651
what were u doing some many years after doing graduation? 346
Tell me something about any ur tour?How u enjoy in that tour tell briefly? 456
1. Rainy day ? 2. Tell me about mobile? 3. Traffic in Hyderabad? Please specify the number for which question the answer is 424
what are some aspects of your present or most recent position that you like? 400
interview 425
what is difference between WEP & WPA-PSK 398
How can you say "Time Is Money" 392
Respected sir,madam this is jyoti ranjan intersted for(BPO/CALLCENTER) so if u would send 2 me all types of BPO/CALLCENTER question then i shall greatfull 2 you.thanking you. 367
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