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Answer / nanda

I Agree with Umasankar.

Built In Variables are activated at runtime only. by using
this variables we can know test execution information. That
is which user is executed, how Iterations were executed,
which Actions were executed, which test was executed, test
directory path..like that.

User Defined Internals..we can create them and these
variables are used only a test where they were created. Once
u created that variable u can not modify the name of
variable and u can modify the value. If u want to use these
variable in many tests u can export them in XML file. there
u can modify the name of the variable.

User defined Externals...The variables which are Imported
from XML file are called External variables. These are read
only variables. u can modify name and value of these
variables. If u want to modify them..go to XML file which
are stored and right click on that file click n edit. the
script will open, there u can edit name and value.

this is completely about Environment variables.

If any queries..

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Answer / umasankar

There are three types of environment variables:

User-defined internal. Variables that you define within the
test. They are saved with the test and accessible only
within the test in which they were defined.

User-defined external. Variables that you predefined in the
active external environment variables file. These variables
are read-only in this context.

Built-in. Variables that represent information about the
test and the computer on which the test is run, such as
Test path and Operating system. These variables are
accessible from all tests, and are designated as read-only

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Answer / brahma reddy

As for as i know the use of environment variables in qtp
is .
in qtp the variable which you have in one action cant be
used in some other action .so by using environment
variables we can use the variables in one action in to
another action

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Answer / venkatraj.b

environment variables are 3 types,

1. user defined internal
2. user defined external
3. builtin

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Answer / siva krishna

Environment variables are two types
1 Built-in variables
2 User defined variables
By default Built in variables are available for every
test-script we can directly access them with
Environment.value("built-in variable name")

User defined variables
when ever we developing multiple scripts some common values
are used in multiple scripts then we will use user defined
variables. create xml file with environment variables and
attach it to the required test and use those variables in
side the test

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Answer / srinivas

a varable which can store a value in order to one action or
different action in QTP their are 2 types
1)built in OR system define
2)User defind Varables
B.Extrnal (Global)
if am not correct plz telme

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Answer / zubair

Environment variables in QTP are similar to global variables
which can be accessed through any part of the script.These
variables can prove to be very useful when we want a
variable to be shared across various reusable actions and

Two Types of Environment variable:

1. Built in variables

2. User Defined variables
♦ Internal
♦ External

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