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About the mannual testing

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Manual Testing is nothing but testing the functionality of
an application manually with out using automation testing
tools means by writing a test cases chek manually

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Manual Testing : It is the process of Identifying Bugs in a
Given application by manually, with out using any
Automation Testing Tools
(loadrunner,QTP,Silktest,Winrunner......) By writing Test

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Testing a application using all the testing methodolgys
i.e., using test cases, test scenarios and other methods
without using any tool such as ( Winrunner: Used for Windows
application, QTP: Used for Web applications, Load Runner:
Used for Performance testing ). where we use the these tools
to generate the Scripts which can be reused to test the
application. where as for Manually testing the application
we test the application by giving certain inputs and we see
whehter we are getting the expected results or not.

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Manual testing : It is the process of intention to find the
defects manually and questioning a program in order to
evaluate it...with respect to the customer Requirements
(Tester can only find the defects where as developer fixes
that defect called as Bug...If a customer face the problem
in an application he called it as fault/failure)

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Manual Testing is the oldest and most rigorous type of
software testing . Manual testing testers to perform manual
test operation on the test software without help of test.

Manual testing is laborious activity that requires the
tester to posses a certain set of qualities: to be patient,
obseravant, craetive, openmided and skillfull.

Maual testing helps discover and record any software bugs
or descrepancies related to the functionality of the

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A test engineer conducts a test on application build without
using a tool is called manual testing

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Manual Testing is process in which all the phases of STLC
(Software Testing Life Cycle) like Test Planning,Test
Development,Test Execution,Result Anaysis, Bug Tracking and
Reporting are accomplish successful manually with the human
In Manual Testing we will test the application with valid
and invalid inputs and expecting the results about
In Manual Testing we are not using any Automated Tools(like
Win Runner,QTP etc).We will apply all types of testing
manually on the application to get proper output

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it is a testing in which we will perform a tasks in
application by writing testcases and testing functionality
with out having a knowledge of automation.

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Manual testing is the process of manually testing software
for defects. It requires a tester to play the role of an end
user, and use most of all features of the application to
ensure correct behavior. To ensure completeness of testing,
the tester often follows a written test plan that leads them
through a set of important test cases.


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Manually if we open the application and test it, without the
help of any automation tools is called manual testing.Before
doing this we should understand the application first...

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Manual testing:- It is a proces all the testing life cycle
activities such as Test planning Test development, test
execution, Result analysis , bug tracking and reporting are
accomplish sucessfully with human efforts .

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software testing is a process used to help identify
correctness, completeness, security and quality of developed
computer software.

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Manual testing is a process i n which executes the all the
phases of STLC(test planing,test
development,testexecution,Result analysis,Bug
Tracking,Reporting)By Manually with human efforts.

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Manual Testing is a process in which we manually check the
behaviour of the application and we make sure that it
should behave as per the URS (User Requirement

Keep this in mind even before we start using the Automation
tools for testing we first check whether the application
meets the URS then proceed with the automation.

If my understanding is not correct in the second para,
please correct me. Thanks