Hou can u test a website or a web application? Manually or

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Hou can u test a website or a web application? Manually or Automated?..

Answer / sures.chaluvadi

yes u can do it in Both manual and automation.
But when compared with manual it's easy ,fast to do it in

Generally QTP is the Best to do web testing(functional).
For Performence related issues u can go for Load Runner.

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Hou can u test a website or a web application? Manually or Automated?..

Answer / rajendra prasad reddy penumall

Hi friends I am rajendra from Hyderabad.

Web testing in manual process is possible for only some
testing approaches like
Functionality testing,
User interface testing (GUI Testing)
Usability testing,
Security testing,
Compatibility testing (browser compatibility testing -
very imaportent in web application testing),
Database testing
But if you want to test Performance of the website you must
use some testing tool like WebLoad ,loadRunner.
If the application developed in java then we can use Jmeter
for testing the web application.
JMeter is a opensource freely available software from
Apache software foundation, one can download and use it
Without spending a single rupee.
The web application means it may have 2 tier simple
architecture or 3 tier or n tier architecture.
If it is used 3 tier or N tier architecture then we should
Check the performance of the system for retrieving data
from database...etc.
Except performance testing we can conduct web testing in
But web performance is the prime issue in web testing.

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Hou can u test a website or a web application? Manually or Automated?..

Answer / guest


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Hou can u test a website or a web application? Manually or Automated?..

Answer / rupesh chavan

For defining approach, the very first things you need to
check that whether this web site has static OR dynamic
pages and how many times you gone run the TEST. If you have
to do it only once then there is no point going for
Automation. If site is dynamic and will be repeatedly tested
then go for automation.
It's all about Functional Testing; for Load OR Performance
test you have to go for automated tools.


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