register int a=2;

printf("Address of a = %d",&a);

printf("Value of a = %d",a);


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main() { register int a=2; printf("Address of a = %d",&a); ..

Answer / susie

Answer :

Compier Error: '&' on register variable

Rule to Remember:

& (address of ) operator cannot be applied on register

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main() { register int a=2; printf("Address of a = %d",&a); ..

Answer / chandra

It all depends on C/C++.

On C(GNU C/Visual studio C compiler), it will get a compiler
since the keyword with register is stored in registers of
CPU rather than in memory locations of RAM.

On C++(GNU C++/Visual stdio C++ compiler), variable 'a' will
get an address of memory locations.
since register will automatically take address of memory

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main() { register int a=2; printf("Address of a = %d",&a); ..

Answer / shrikantauti

Will produce an error as the memory address s not provided.
%u should had written instead of %d

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