Dot Net Code Interview Questions
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How to add checkbox to datagrid?

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HOw to Build a Nested GridView Control with ASP.NET?

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how can we close a web page in without using jscript?

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How to Create a Treeview Menu in ASP.NET with C#?

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How to use ASP.NET 2.0's TreeView to Display Hierarchical Data?

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Automatically Hyperlink URLs and E-Mail Addresses in ASP.NET Pages with C#

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Event Handling in C# Triggering a Button

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Give the code for Handling Mouse Events?


Code for Reading and writing from a file in c#?

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Coding for using Nullable Types in C#?

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Coding for Manipulate XML File Data Using C#?

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Code for Creating a Form Using PlaceHolder Controls?

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How to get Dynamically Linked Comboboxes Set?



How to Snap the Cursor to a Button?

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How to use Client-side Script to Focus Controls in ASP.NET?


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Please give me the codes for deadlock(like detecting,& avoiding) in any version of


Code for Searching for Multiple Matches with the MatchCollection Class?


Write a program to convert postfix expression to infix expression.


Code for Communicating over Sockets?


how to track links visited in google using iframes


Code for Document Validation in XML.NET?


How to use Client-side Script to Focus Controls in ASP.NET?


c# code to Count number of 1's in a given range of integer (0 to n)


Write a function which accepts list of nouns as input parameter and return the same list in the plural form. Conditions: i) if last letter is r then append s ii) if word ends with y then replace it by ies iii) call this function in main() and produce the required output. for eg:- if chair is input it should give chairs as output.


how to insert fname,lname,designation values into database while click on the submit button using windows authentication mode?


program for straight line(y=mx+c)


How to find No of classes,Packages,No of Methods per Classes and Depth of Inheritance for selecting source code in windows form application using c# .net? (Source code is input Program. It may be Java or .net) Please help me..) Thanks..)


How to add a value from textBox over an existing certain column in SQL Server


How we work on N tire architecture in Please give me Examle...


How to export 2 datatables of a single dataset to 2 different worksheets of a single MSExcel file ?