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Depreciation is equal to

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Depreciation is equal to..

Answer / prem prakash gupta


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Depreciation is equal to..

Answer / nilesh

G.N.P - N.N.P
Gross national products - Net national products

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How long does it takes for a TA in Income Tax to get his/her first promotion to STA ? Also, after STA how long will it take to become and ITI ? Are there any departmental exams through which promotions can be expedited sooner rather than just awaiting seniority ?

0 Answers   SSC,

is cgl 2011 have to pass each section like banking, i.e. sectional cut off is there.

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how to get acknowledge with the interview questions of cds interview

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hi I AM ADITYA FROM HYDERABAD I HAVE BEEN SELECTED AS TAX ASSISTANT IN C.B.E.C through T.A 2008. Acutally recently the withheld result was released in that i got 497 rank and i didn't receive any intimation letter from SSC, Chennai. when i contacted them they said that the information posting on SSC site is sufficient, and i can wait for the orders from Delhi. Is there anybody selected in T.A 2008 exams, since the options given in the application are all customs only, no mention of Excise. So, i was wondering how they will post me in customs or excise. please revert back on this forum or my mail id is

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can anybody here who was already selected for ssc cgl for custom and excise duty if it is plz tell me your marks in each paper from pre to interview seperately?

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Has result of CGL Tier-II publish in employment news, if so in which issue.

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plzz anybody authentically reply me, In application form of ssc cgl exam2011,In preference boxes I wrote B in the second box & by mistake,forgot to fill the 1st box.The 1st box remained blank. Then,will I be only considered me for the Group B post only or?Now I have been selected in tier1 & preparing for tier2. Plzzz reply soon.

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Has result of CGL Tier-II publish in employment news, if so in which issue.

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Who said'Swaraj is my birthright and I shall have it'

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would anyone of you please tell me that how much number should one get for income tax inspector for OBC catogery

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By selling 100 pens, a shopkeeper gains the selling price of 20 pens. Find his gain percent. A. 25% B. 2.5% C. 20% D. 50%

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hi friend , I am amit from jaipur..can you tell me total no of seat in CGLE 2010.. please give official data only.... and mail thanks in advance.....

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