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How do you customise database for blast?

How do you customise database for blast?..

Answer / swapna

Step 1. Assemble your sequences.

Put all your sequences in Fasta format in a single file.
This file should be located in a suitably named
subdirectory of your home directory on the UBiC Blast
server. The definition line for each sequence should start
with a unique identifier for that sequence.

Step 2. Convert this sequence file to a Blastable database.

The command formatdb converts your Fasta file of sequences
to a set of files that can be queried with command-line

Step 3. Test Blast on your database.

See the UBiC tutorial, Using Command-line BLAST. In the
blastall command-line you will need to specify the location
of your database by typing: -
d /disk2/home/myhome/blastdbs/custom.aa.

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