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How to write the test scenario?Explain by giving Example.

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How to write the test scenario?Explain by giving Example...

Answer / karthik

Test Scenario is nothing but " Combination Of Test Cases is
called TS"..For eg : Let us think u r going to chk a word
doc..what all the testcases u will write... to open a word doc.
2.type a word to save

the above all combined test cases called Test Scenario....



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How to write the test scenario?Explain by giving Example...

Answer / kuldeep kr. pankaj

Test scenario means identifying the major functionality of
the application for which the test cases will be written and
Ex. suppose we have to test the functionality of Calculator
Then Addition,Subtraction,Multiplication,Division are major
functionality which are identified as scenario
Test case will be e.g. Addition of 1+1 on
Subtration of 1-1, on


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How to write the test scenario?Explain by giving Example...

Answer / deep

Yes Kuldeep
You are correct .

Test Scenarios are nothing but the action we are going to
Perform. For testing a calculator
For Checking/Testing a login Page

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